Ascendens ad Astra

During a recent lunch break, my colleagues, Jono Dove, Linda Twain and Linda’s son Matthew walked over to Coit Tower on a glorious San Francisco day.  To reach Coit Tower one has to ascend 350 plus steep stairs.  There are other more comfortable ways of getting there but hardly as exhilarating or exhausting!!  Jono and I took four minutes to reach the top and then decided once was not enough and descended for another up climb.  Linda and Matthew waited patiently at the top for us.  It would bring the total number of steps climbed to 700 and with it sore quads and calfs!!  On the way up the second time we were passed by a U.S. Marine (at least he looked like a Marine). We asked him,” Is this your second?”

“No third, sir,” he replied.  The “sir” convinced us he was a Marine.

After we completed our second, he joined us at the top.” Did you complete four?” we asked.

“I walked at the half way point of the fourth, sir”

“Well you can call it three and a half,” we encouraged.

“No sir, only three.”

This was a true Marine.  Tough, fit, honest and extremely polite. We need more Marines and Marine-like people in this country.

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