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Anyone for Twitter?

We live in an age of rapid communication and the forms of that are multifold.

Although cell phones, email and facebook may be the most common, new forms of inter-person contact are emerging.  Twitter(a microblogging tool using one’s cell phone) is the most recent and allows for near continuous access to people’s lives. It may be overkill but 200,000 people follow every movement of the rapper,50-Cent.  Events are advertised using these multitude of communicative devices and organizations (including AJC) are taking note that to get the message out awareness of what is available and what works is vital..

 AJC is holding a unique event on March 31. It will feature pioneers in Internet innovation,Craig Newmark of Craigslist fame and Matt Muhllenweg,whose blogging innovations are already legendary.They will discuss their almost revolutionary work on opposite ends of the the Internet time line. It should make for fascinating listening and there will be time for audience participation.

The venue is the Delancey Street complex at 600 The Embarcadero in San Francisco. The entrance is on the Embarcadero 100 yards south of the Delancey Street Restaurant.  There is a charge of $20 to cover expenses.

The event starts at 6:00pm and should wrap up around 7:30pm.

RSVP by email – sanfrancisco@ajc.org or by phone @ (415) 777-3820

Download an event flier here